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With the warm weather the ice is breaking up on the Milwaukee River downtown, as you can see in my photo from last night. Soon enough the lakes will thaw out and it will be time for kayaking again, provided you have a dry suit.


Jan. 10th, 2006 09:23 am
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After 17 consecutive cloudy days—a new record for Milwaukee—we finally have a bright, sunny morning with a nearly cloudless blue sky, and a more-normal morning low of -7°C, bringing with it the usual winter morning ritual of scraping icy stuff off of the car windows. Yay for sunlight!


Jan. 9th, 2006 11:36 am
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It’s official, we’ve set a new record in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 16 consecutive cloudy days. The last day with significant sunshine was December 23. I guess I have to stop making fun of the weather in Emden, at least until we get our sun back.
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I looked at the weather forecast and for Wednesday it says that the best current guess at what will be falling out of the sky is “Ice Pellets.” I saw that and thought that where my Mother lives, in southern Arizona, “Ice Pellets” would be made by a machine, and you might pick up a bag of them at the store if you were going camping or something and wanted to pack some food in an ice chest. Here, “Ice Pellets” fall right out of the sky for us. How convenient!
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-17°C this morning in Milwaukee. I’m blaming Canada. It’s actually warmer in Winnipeg, -11°C with light snow. You can have your cold air back. It is 11 degrees Celsius warmer in Toronto, Ontario than in Toronto, Illinois.

-1°C in Green Valley, Arizona (they made a big fuss over the “frost warning”), but they are forecasting a high of 18. (Dew point: -20!) It’s +7 and raining in Emden, Germany. (Is it really always raining in Emden? It looks like it, from the weather reports I see.)


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