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The TV show Smash Lab takes on the challenge of inventing safety devices that make good TV. What is good TV? Good TV involves danger, crashes, people getting hurt. Result? SAFETY FAIL! Typical projects attempt to ameliorate a very specific, unlikely hazard through the use of dangerous explosives. This is good TV but pretty much the opposite of safety. When the designer of a safety device ends up describing it as "a bucket of death" you know you've got the combination of good TV and Safety Fail!

Also, if you want to see two guys use a stun gun on each other for no good reason, you can see it on the Mythbusters web site here.
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Wednesday night is apparently gun night on the Outdoor channel. I don't normally watch the shooting shows, but they are good for entertainment now and then. In particular, the self-defense guys are entertaining. The level of paranoia is amazing. Yesterday, one of them was showing us how to check for bad guys hiding in the bathtub behind the shower curtain. Is this all an act for TV, or do these guys really live their everyday lives like this? As [ profile] peteralway said on #filkhaven last night, "It's time to recognize paranoia as a legitimate hobby." Some people play music or build model rockets, others, more like this xkcd, only they go to Arizona and actually practice with real guns.

FBI, pants

May. 11th, 2006 09:16 pm
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The best line on TV ever, from Mythbusters: "The remote triggering system that the FBI is going to be using on our pants is probably closer to the impact triggering system that we had on our small scale test." Nothing like the FBI blowing up pants.
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Well, tonight we got to see Mike Rowe visit the sewage treatment plant on Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.

I know there’s a German Discovery channel, do you get Dirty Jobs over there? I see American Chopper on the web site. I suppose they dub that, and I don’t know how they go about dubbing a bunch of motorcycles builders arguing constantly. Must be...special.

Anywho, sewage lift pump replacement is pretty much as icky as it sounds. But we don’t get smells over TV, so it’s kind of fun to watch. It would make a charming children’s story, wouldn’t it? Something like “Billy The Bunny Visits The Sewage Plant.” There are...liquids...flowing all over, and...solids...covering everything. Mike Rowe again demonstrates that the job of a television host is very glamorous. Not. Also in this episode were turkey farming and potato farming.

Whale bits

Jan. 1st, 2006 07:34 pm
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I turned on the television, at a more-or-less random time, and got a random line from whatever show happened to be on whatever channel was on. The first words I heard? “Whale foreskin upholstery.” And bizarrely, I knew exactly what they were talking about, the famous whale foreskin leather seats on the Aristotle Onassis yacht. It is an example of the kind of thing that proves you are rich, but I wonder how that worked exactly. It only proves you are rich if people know what it is, but how exactly do you bring that up in conversation? I mean, now, even people like me know about it, but at first, how exactly did he let guests know? How did they react? You’d think that would be a bit repellent. Does anyone really want to sit there?


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