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Oct. 23rd, 2006 03:23 pm
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Joyce and I are back safely from another great Ohio Valley Filk Festival. Met people, heard new music, and had safe, drama-free travel across the four states and 460-ish miles each way. And yes, I am very much liking my new car.

This was the first I'd seen or heard of Brooke Lunderville, who has some wonderful songs. This is the sort of thing that makes the long journey so worthwhile. That song about the mine accident/shipwreck/train wreck/bus crash/plane crash is just amazing, for example.

I met a whole bunch of the #filkhaven gang, which in some cases was a matter of connecting a name to someone I'd been seeing around for ages.

Saw [ profile] chirosinger and [ profile] musicmutt. Becca was eager to relate how very much she, at any rate, appreciated the pig pillows Joyce gave them at DucKon. Graham will never be allowed to forget the pig pillows.

It was nice to see the Urban Tapestry gang again, and have a brief chat and a hug with [ profile] allisona.

I don't mean to imply that I imagine she lacks an excellent memory, but I was surprised and delighted that [ profile] quadrivium recognized (and hugged!) me. Presumably I made some sort of impression at some point. Her concert was a delight. My organist friends will want to hear Acolytes of the Machine.

The banquet was very good, excellent food in great variety. Watching those Pegasus winners who are there to receive the award react is always a delight, as well. Congratulations Judi, you deserve it.

The Interfilk auction was hilarious, as usual. I suspect most of our auctioneer's auctions are not quite the same. That giant-sized space book did not go to voice auction, and Joyce got it.

[ profile] peteralway performing Camile Saint-Saens's "The Swan" on banjo ukulele and kazoo, as requested by [ profile] quadrivium, was one of the most...unusual...things I've seen. I have some photos of the audience reacting to that, and I'll try to get one up soon.

I actually got my flute out and played it, which I haven't done much recently. Due to the large size of and consequent hassle and expense of crossing the Atlantic Ocean [ profile] lisande and [ profile] aryana_filker couldn't be there, but I imported a few of their songs, Lisande's "Shadow in the Dark" and Aryana's "Still Beautiful" and "Lullaby for/Wiegenlied für Larean."

Much fun! Not much sleep!


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