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On Saturday afternoon Carol Ferraro, Carol Flynt, and Barisha Lettermann were the musical performers at Espresso Love Coffee in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. That was lots of fun, and we pretty well filled the place up with the Milwaukee-area and some Chicago-area fen.

After that most of us ate at a nearby Chinese restaurant and then migrated to Carol and John’s house for the evening filk. We heard a little more from Carol and Barb. Lots from [ profile] anach and his new Ovation. Art didn’t bring his music stuff, but occasionally borrowed a guitar. Deirdre had her full assortment of instruments on hand.

For me, naturally, it was mostly flute. The usual tunes, the show-off fugue, [ profile] peteralway‘s “To Friends,” and one new to me, the Sarabande from Bach’s sonata in A minor for solo flute. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the other three parts, which are just a wee bit faster. (You can hear it played properly by Laurel Zucker here at Magnatune.) Not all flute, though. [ profile] legoline’s “All Shall Fade,” too.

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Saturday's adventure was a houseconcert at [ profile] alymid's featuring [ profile] catalana. This was a very nice evening. A lot of Erica's songs are the type that I find I need to hear several times to really fully engage in, so it was very nice to have another chance to hear her.

The filking after the concert was lots of fun. I was pleased that my feeble attempt at [ profile] hsifyppah's "The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster", a song I've heard exactly once, went adequately well. Everyone laughed at the right places ("If your train hits a steamship, you're bound to be killed!")

Nice how my guitar fits in the trunk of my new car with plenty of space for other stuff left.
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Besides buying apples and sushi on Saturday, I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum (in the Fancy Building). Saw the current traveling exhibit, Biedermeier: The Invention of Simplicity. Furniture, paintings, household items, and even a surveying transit. Quite fascinating. I suppose if I can't be in Germany now, at least I can see German stuff, and it's rather easier for me to see it while it is in Milwaukee. Not, mind you, that I wouldn't love to see the Albertina or the Deutsches Historisches. There is something unexpected about an art exhibition that will be seen in Milwaukee, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris. Which one of these cities is not like the others? Yay us! Milwaukee: Not as lame as it sounds.

Sunday included a trip to the newly-opened Whole Foods store. It is indeed big and full of fascinating stuff. As I gather is the trend these days, there is some blurring of the grocery store-restaurant distinction, with lot of prepared foods and eating areas. The produce area is home to the most impressive piled-up stacks of lettuce and carrots I've ever seen. I was unable to resist getting a little cast-iron tea pot.

Dinner was at Beans And Barley, just down the street from Whole Foods. That's always a good place to eat.

Also, the distance between roughly Red Arrow Park and Prospect and North where Whole Foods is? It seems shorter by bicycle than when walking. But exercise is good for you.
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My Saturday began with a phone call to [ profile] aryana_filker, who was wisely escaping the rain by being at home where she was phoneable. Then a trip to the Public Market by bicycle to see what was on offer. The Farmers' Market opened Saturday. It's too early for locally-grown veggies but various live plants we on sale, plus the soap people and the honey people. It being warm, I sat outside to eat soup and charge my iPod with my folding solar panel, which seems to work well.

I finally found the "marsupial bridge," which is indeed under the Holton Street Viaduct and is entirely invisible from the roadway above. I drive over the viaduct twice a week, and you can't really see anything from the road. It turns out that there is a river below with condos going up along it, and a park. I'll have some photos up eventually. It actually makes some sense, connecting up the lower level. If there wasn't anything down there it would be pointless, since the viaduct itself is plenty wide for cyclists and pedestrians.

Saturday night was music night at Chez Dork. [ profile] born_to_me's chili is great! Lots of fun. [ profile] exapno was there with Xapling2, so were Marci, TC and Sean, [ profile] anach and [ profile] jerusha, and [ profile] almeda and her energetic dog [ profile] mightyajax. There were an amazing number of Small Creatures, with the two dogs, some cats, and a large number of little children of various ages. Much musical fun. Oh, and did you know you can experience a massive traffic backup on I-294 at 1 AM? You can! How much traffic can there be then? Too much for one lane, which is all we had in one spot due to some sort of work.

Sunday Joyce and I had coffee and part of a giant cinnamon roll at the market, stopped by Laacke and Joys to look over the kayaks at their annual Paddlefest. We walked over the Marsupial Bridge. We ate Reuben sandwiches at John Hawk's. They do a mighty fine Reuben there.
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Friday evening I bought bread and chocolate, ate sushi and salmon-on-a-stick, and did some ice skating. I’m feeling faster and fitter, and I think the time going fast on the 400 meter oval has helped.

Saturday I saw [ profile] almeda, [ profile] exapno and [ profile] mightyajax. I’ve been lead to believe that Ajax is pretty energetic, but OMGBeagle!!!! I’ve never before seen anything so excited and happy and bouncy and excited and jumpy and excited and eager to sniff, lick and chew everyone and everything. So very cute! It’s very nice to go out and be sociable, too.

On Sunday, besides a chocolate chunk scone from C. Adams Bakery, we had something with cherry in it that I cannot recall the name of. I didn’t do any ice skating, but I did get to shovel a little snow, which is also exercise.
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News from my weekend:

  • Skating on the 400 meter oval at The Pettit National Ice Center is really fun. It surprises me that there are so few 400 meter indoor ovals. Sure it’s big and presumably expensive, but there are lots and lots of much bigger, much more expensive sports facilities, and you’d think that at least more of the ones from previous Olympic games would still be in use.

  • The chocolate and cherry bread from Piacentine’s Artisan Bread at the Milwaukee Public Market is really good.

  • St. Paul’s Fish Company in the Public Market is selling “salmon on a stick” in Teriyaki, Mesquite, and plain flavors. It is Really Good! Anyway, how could I resist something called salmon on a stick?

  • [ profile] aryana_filker and I finally had a nice chat by telephone. (That seven hour time difference is inconvenient.) As nice as e-mail is , it is so nice to talk. Also nice that these days a call to Germany can cost very, very little.

My weekend

Feb. 20th, 2006 10:23 pm
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Well, I had a fine weekend. There was a filk in Milwaukee on Saturday, with most of the Chicago contingent making there way up in the cold. Music, hugs, backrubs, and, after midnight, the Birthday Dirge was sung for me. Thanks, [ profile] almeda, for the verse with the sheep and yaks.

[ profile] aryana_filker, [ profile] lisande, and [ profile] legoline at some point wrote a German version of Still Beautiful, recorded it together, and kept it a secret from me until the 19th, making a birthday present of it. I’ve got the bestest friends in the whole wide world.

Joyce and I didn’t get to the Chicago housefilk at [ profile] alymid‘s, because we were sleeping. Or just in bed. We did get up in time for a nice steak dinner.


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