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I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for the American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference. This was, naturally, business-related travel. I know that people who travel for work all the time mostly hate it, but I very rarely get sent on business trips, so it really does remain a fun adventure for me. Mostly, actually, I go to someplace in the Chicago area, the next big city over, which isn't so exciting because I grew up there and travel there for fun frequently, but it also isn't very hard to do, just two hours of driving, or 90 minutes on a train to go to the actual city center. Trips far away are much rarer and, as I say, are a fun adventure even if the actual travel is something of a nuisance.

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It turns out that “ETR” stands for “Express Toll Route,” something that I, living in the USA, did not know until it was too late to figure out a different route. (I still haven’t the slightest what QEW means, but evidently not toll road.) I’ve finally gotten the bill, $10.12 Canadian for 25.1 km on the 407ETR on my way from Toronto to Niagara after FKO. That’s $4.22 for the toll plus various fees for not having and account set up or a transponder or any of that, not spending a lot of time driving around Ontario. They have a convenient web site for payment. I can’t exactly complain about it, given that I’m in favor of this sort of thing, though the extra fees being bigger than the actual toll seems slightly annoying. It always fascinates me that each state in the US (let alone other countries) has a different way of organizing their toll roads, if any, and, obviously, it’s out of the question for neighboring states to use the same toll transponders.
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-17°C this morning in Milwaukee. I’m blaming Canada. It’s actually warmer in Winnipeg, -11°C with light snow. You can have your cold air back. It is 11 degrees Celsius warmer in Toronto, Ontario than in Toronto, Illinois.

-1°C in Green Valley, Arizona (they made a big fuss over the “frost warning”), but they are forecasting a high of 18. (Dew point: -20!) It’s +7 and raining in Emden, Germany. (Is it really always raining in Emden? It looks like it, from the weather reports I see.)


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