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I have a fancy new computer now, and am very pleased with it. Adjusting those 10 megapixel photos is quite nice with a 23-inch 1920x1200 pixel LCD and a fast Core 2 Duo processor, and Google Earth (for Linux!) is fantastic. The Viewsonic VP2330wb monitor is beautiful, but there is one little poorly-thought-out feature. It has a built in USB hub, which would seem to be ideal for connecting the keyboard and mouse. The problem is, when the monitor is put to sleep to save power, the hub dies. Since you normally wake the monitor back up by keypress or mouse movement, having the keyboard and mouse disconnected is a bit of a problem. Indeed, I can't think of any useful device I'd want to plug into a hub that will disconnect it ungracefully if I'm away from the computer. Maybe it's fine for the USB snowman, or USB aquarium, or some other toy, but you wouldn't want to put a filesystem out there, or try to charge batteries from it.
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Last night some combination of my iPod, gtkpod, and the rest of the computer got into some kind of an argument and the iPod lost. Fsck fixed the filesystem, but the database the iPod uses to keep track of everything was trashed. So I manually rm-ed all the audio files and refilled it the usual way with gtkpod, and it’s working fine now.

I found a discounted used/returned cable for the iPod at the Apple store and I bought a cheaper version of the power supply with USB connector gadget than the one Apple sells, so now I have a dedicated power supply for the iPod set up at my stereo. No more dragging in the car adapter and setting up the 12V supply.

More ice skating today, then some time drinking coffee and finishing reading an article in Foreign Affairs en Español. I’m always amazed that my marginal Spanish is good enough to make sense of that sort of thing, but it is. Now, to get the German up to that level....

I wandered around by the lake, and took some photos of icicles. I had Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition playing on the iPod, as transcribed for organ by Jean Guillou and played by him on the organ at the Tonhalle in Zürich. You really need something better than cheap ear buds to appreciate that organ. It’s a wonderful recording.

I bought more chocolate-covered hazelnuts. $27.50 per kilogram, but worth it! I also bought some fancy coffee beans at the Cederburg Coffee Roastery. Very nice smell! Flavor yet to be determined.

Tonight’s plan? Snuggling!


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