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I watched some of the Superbowl American football game on TV, partly to see if my vague impression from not watching very much American football is correct, and unfortunately it was.  I do in fact waste spend a significant amount of time watching sports on tv and also sometimes in person.  On TV there is always an announcing team, and there's usually someone at the live events, too.  The announcer...tells you what is going on.  That's what they are there for.  It's their job!  In particular, they constantly slip in some explanations of the rules of the game, a bit about the strategies being used, some notes about technique, and so on.  They repeat basic information about how the event works, because new viewers show up or tune in and it's obviously very important to make sure they know what's going on.  Otherwise, they'll just sit around befuddled for a while and then leave.  That's why we have announcers!  So that the audience isn't befuddled!

Indeed, even at a local random Saturday morning speed skating time trial, you'll hear some explanations about how the time trial works even though, let's be honest, the only people there at eight in the morning are the skaters themselves, and possibly some parents or siblings of skaters.  We all know how the race works, right?  But that's what announcers are for!  To explain stuff!  They can't resist!  It's a fascinating pedagogical challenge, repeatedly explaining the basics to the new viewers without aggravating the former new viewers who are now dedicated fans who know all that stuff.

But not in American football.  I don't think I heard those guys explain one single thing.  It was just a steady mumbled stream of football jargon.  (Is it just me or were they actually hard to understand at all?  Isn't that an issue for a professional speaker at a major event?)  Isn't the superbowl the game with the largest audience of people who don't watch a lot of football?  Wouldn't we expect even more explanation of the game than usual?   Anyway, I sat here befuddled for a while, then moved on to something else.

Date: 2014-02-03 03:01 am (UTC)
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Huh. I'd never thought about that. But I haven't watched football since the '70's, so it probably wouldn't occur to me to notice the announcement style.

I don't generally see this at bike races. It's mostly "there's so-and-so, he's from Boulder, first year racing as a cat3, and there's mumblemumble..."
There's some commentary in cyclecross races but it's typically "that runup is just awful, oops, number 23 just fell down and got stepped on."
But, as you say, _everyone_ there is either a racer or dating a racer (or both.)


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