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beige_alert ([personal profile] beige_alert) wrote2013-12-12 08:33 pm


Oxycodone is in the news from time to time due to people having addiction problems and illicit recreational use. Well, I used it for about four days last month after surgery, and I guess that's a different scenario from long-term use, and I assume the recreational users don't stick to the officially prescribed dose, but anyway, I'll tell you my experience. I assume it helped with the pain, but in accordance with the advice I got from all the medical people, I started taking it before the nerve block wore off and didn't reduce the dosage until two days after the surgery, so I assume that uncomfortable day after the block wore off and before things got more healed would have been a lot more uncomfortable without it, but I didn't try the alternative. It indeed may cause drowsiness. And constipation. But by far the most notable side-effect, which I see listed as a "less common side effect," was hiccups. In me, it does that. It's basically a hiccup pill for me. Beats pain, I guess.

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